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Skydio Shifts Focus to Corporate Services, Ends Consumer Drone Line

Skydio Shifts Focus to Corporate Services, Ends Consumer Drone Line

Skydio announced on its blog that it would discontinue its consumer drone business to focus on growing support for diverse corporate services.

Enhanced Support for Various Corporate Services:

The company will no longer sell the Skydio 2+ Starter, Sports, Cinema, or Pro kits. However, the Skydio 2+ Enterprise Kit will remain available to business clients. Skydio also pledges to help customers who have already purchased a drone. This includes providing car repairs and other warranty-related services. According to the corporation, it will carry batteries, propellers, and other accessories “for as long as we can.” Skydio is discontinuing its consumer division to focus on expanding support for various corporate services. The company has 1,500 clients, which include diverse public service applications. The business secured a $230 million Series E funding round earlier this year.

Our drones are making the core industries that our civilization runs on – public safety, transportation, energy, construction, and defense – safer and more efficient,”creator Adam Bry writes in a blog post summarising the announcement. “And it’s becoming more and more clear every day that we need trusted, secure drones to meet these critical applications. The impact we’re having with our enterprise and public sector customers has become so compelling that it demands nothing less than our full focus and attention.”

Domestic Security Restrictions:

Skydio, situated in the Bay Area, has received a big boost as drone manufacturer DJI has found itself on the wrong side of different government prohibitions amid escalating US-China tensions. It has been a major motivator of domestic security system adoption. Government contracts are, unsurprisingly, a more appealing business model than consumer sales. Furthermore, DJI continues to dominate that market.

Skydio Recognitions:

Skydio has been at the forefront of an explosion in industry and law enforcement use of drones, not only because it is one of the few systems that can reliably fly itself but also because it is US-made. Skydio has worked to help its customers secure Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) waivers, allowing them to fly those drones without a physical person watching them every step of the way.

The company unveiled its 72-pound motorized dock in December to let businesses and authorities remotely manage, charge, and secure their drones without a human presence.

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