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Byju’s Senior Executive Exits to Lead Impending Inc.

Byju's Senior Executive Exits to Lead Impending Inc.

Cherian Thomas has been appointed as the CEO of Impending Inc. The company is known for pioneering industry-standard UX innovations like swipe, tilt, pinch, and flip actions.

Thomas is an experienced leader in consumer tech. As Impending Inc.’s CEO, he plans to expand products, enhance talent worldwide, and use his diverse background to make a positive impact. Furthermore, he was vital in establishing US operations at BYJU, a major ed-tech company.

He led Osmo, a BYJU’S subsidiary, as CEO, achieving over $100 million in revenue in FY21. Joining in 2017, he built the international team from the start and oversaw purchases like Osmo. Before this, he co-founded and sold Cucumbertown, a venture-backed startup, to Cookpad in 2016. He was also an early employee at Zynga, a big gaming company.

Impending Inc. is a pioneer in Apple-focused development, creating for Mac and iPhone users since the early 2000s. Their work has been featured at Apple’s WWDC. They aim to manufacture products that stand out and resonate with a greater audience.

Cherian Thomas said:

“Impending espouses everything I’d do if I were to start again. There’s no sword hanging with deadlines or metrics to impress a board. It’s all about executing, failing, evolving, re-releasing and scaling without being questioned.”

Phill Ryu, Co-founder, of Impending Inc., said:

“We are hugely excited to have Cherian Thomas on board. We share a vision of creating inspired apps with pop culture potential without compromise and have convinced each other that we are going to make it happen together.”

Heads Up, a collaboration of Impending and Warner Bros., has 70 million downloads and has held the top paid game spot for nearly a decade. Ellen DeGeneres is its ambassador. Clear, a popular to-do list app since 2012, has dominated charts for almost five years. Classics and other apps have also been significant earners. Impending’s new release, Web Roulette, allows users to discover popular websites, similar to TikTok.

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