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Calm collaborates with TikTok text-to-speech for new Sleep Story

Calm is presenting a new Sleep Story narrated by the voice behind TikTok’s message-to-speech voice. Kat Callaghan, a Canadian radio personality and voiceover craftsman who voices TikTok’s enthusiastic and robot-like voice, worked with Calm to help users fall asleep.

The new Calm Story, “Once Upon a TikTok Tale,” guides listeners through an immersive journey. In it, Callaghan paints a series of dreamy settings inspired by surreal, tranquil adaptations of TikTok trends. The story incorporates rhyming content that changes between specific segments utilizing audio trickery, lo-fi beats, vinyl crackles (TikTok-style), and ASMR with some L/R panning. Furthermore, it incorporates a ~20-minute sleep stage.

Callaghan begins portraying the Calm Story in her lively TikTok voice (nicknamed Jessie). She then seamlessly shifts to her soothing, calming voice, gradually slowing down and adopting a sleep-inducing tone as the story unfolds.

Callaghan found the transition to narrate the Sleep Story unsurprising. She discovered that the text-to-speech narration voice on TikTok has a calming effect on many users. Some were even drifting off to sleep. She believes that the feeling of commonality about the voice comforts individuals. This is because it’s a consistent and solid presence, particularly for the more youthful age.

Considering that certain individuals were at that point sleeping to Callaghan’s voice, her new coordinated effort with Calm offers individuals a method for doing so in a more engaged rest setting.

News source: Calm

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