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Zenity Bolsters App Security with $16.5M Series A Investment

Zenity Bolsters App Security with $16.5M Series A Investment

Zenity, an innovative Israeli startup, is stepping up to address the security challenges posed by the rising popularity of low-code and no-code tools for apps. These tools have democratized mobile app development by allowing non-technical users to create apps easily. As these user-friendly tools gain traction among non-technical users, Zenity’s solution provides a vital layer of security. Zenity proudly announced a $16.5 million Series A investment to strengthen its commitment to safeguarding applications.

Founders Ben Kliger and Michael Bargury recognized the dual nature of low-code and no-code tools. On one hand, they empower individuals and organizations to boost productivity and create tailored solutions. On the other hand, the lack of technical and security expertise among users can pose significant risks.

Bridging the Security Gap

Zenity’s primary objective is to bridge the gap between the simplicity of no-code/low-code app development and robust security. The startup enhances visibility for security organizations and application security teams within companies by providing access to applications created using low-code and no-code tools. The key is to ensure security without hindering the capabilities of the users crafting these applications.

Bargury emphasized that the process of securing an app, irrespective of the creator’s technical background, involves critical aspects such as:

  1. Identity protection
  2. Data integrity
  3. User authentication

Zenity’s solution seamlessly integrates with no-code/low-code platforms via APIs. It scrutinizes metadata and program details, identifying and flagging security vulnerabilities such as data exposure or identity mismanagement. When issues like exposed data or identity mishandling are detected, a centralized dashboard alerts security teams, enabling them to take corrective actions. These incidents can also serve as educational opportunities for citizen developers, fostering a culture of security awareness.

With its innovative solution, Zenity ensures that the no-code/low-code revolution can thrive without compromising safety, empowering organizations and users alike to harness the full potential of these remarkable technologies.

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