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Getty Images Launches AI-Powered Image Generator

Getty Images Launches AI-Powered Image Generator

Getty Images, a renowned photography and visual content name, has unveiled an innovative AI-powered image generator. This cutting-edge tool, named Generative AI by Getty Images, promises to revolutionize content creation by providing a legally secure platform for generating images.

A Creative Partnership with Nvidia

Getty Images has collaborated with NVIDIA, a leading chipmaker, to develop this AI marvel. Using NVIDIA’s advanced AI model, the tool underwent extensive training on Getty’s content library, which contains 477 million assets, including stock images.

Like well-known text-to-image tools like OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 and Midjourney., Getty’s AI tool can transform text descriptions into vivid images. Users can input prompts like “photo of a sandy tropical island filled with palm trees,” the tool will craft visually stunning images accordingly.

Ensuring Legal Protection

Getty Images understands the importance of legal safeguards in the digital era. Content creators and businesses can breathe easy knowing that any visuals generated using this tool will come with Getty’s standard royalty-free license. This includes indemnification against copyright disputes and granting users the right to perpetual, worldwide, and nonexclusive use across all media.

Furthermore, Getty Images has taken ethical considerations seriously. To prevent misuse and maintain integrity, the generative tool comes with restrictions. For instance, users won’t be able to generate images of public figures in compromising situations or replicate renowned artists like Andy Warhol. All images generated by the AI tool will be watermarked to indicate their AI origin.

Contributor Compensation and Revenue Sharing

Getty is dedicated to supporting its content creators. Getty’s content library will not include tool-generated content for licensing. However, contributors whose work contributed to training the AI model will receive fair compensation. Getty also plans to share the revenues generated by the tool, using a formula that considers various factors.

Customizable for Branding

In addition to individual usage, businesses can harness the power of this AI tool to align visuals with their brand style or design language. Getty Images intends to offer customization options for brands, allowing them to create images consistent with their unique identities.

Accessible and Versatile

Users can access this tool directly on Getty’s website or integrate it into their apps and websites through an API. Pricing will be separate from standard Getty Images subscriptions. Pricing will be based on prompt volume.

Craig Peters, CEO at Getty Images, said, “We’re excited to launch a tool that harnesses the power of generative AI to address our customers’ commercial needs while respecting creators’ intellectual property. We’ve worked hard to develop a responsible tool that gives customers confidence in visuals produced by generative AI for commercial purposes.”

This remarkable advancement by Getty Images empowers creatives and underscores the company’s commitment to responsible AI usage and copyright protection. It’s a significant stride toward making AI-generated content safer and more accessible for businesses and individuals.

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