Site icon Xtartup Bar Launches AI-powered Universal Automation Cloud™ Launches AI-powered Universal Automation Cloud™ has launched the Tray Universal Automation Cloud™. It is an integrated iPaaS solution that utilizes AI to boost integration from months to days. This unified platform smooths business processes, data integration, app connections, and ecosystem integrations. It provides three tailored experiences for developers, business technologists, and front-line managers, improving efficiency and productivity.

  1. Tray Code
  2. Tray Build
  3. Tray Chat

The platform utilizes Tray Merlin AI for the integration journey, empowering faster delivery and a unified strategy. The Enterprise Core ensures foundational capabilities like composable architecture, scalability, observability, governance, and security. Rich Waldron, CEO and co-founder, said in a statement:

“Enterprises not born in the digital age are challenged with modernizing their approach to integration — a must for achieving competitive advantage. Fortuitously, just as the cloud created new technologies and reshaped entire organizations, there is a fresh mandate to figure out AI strategies for the enterprise. To operate in the same digital timezone as their competitors, the convergence of integration modernization and AI is a once in a career opportunity for IT leaders to unify their integration platforms and increase execution velocity. Unlike competitors, the Tray Universal Automation Cloud takes care of the integration experience for developers, business technologists and front-line employees and managers on a single platform. It seamlessly integrates AI, laying the critical groundwork for enterprises to reimagine their integration and automation capabilities at the speed, scale and governance they expect.”

Tray Build offers a low-code interface for business technologists to build complex workflows with AI help. Tray Chat empowers front-line employees with on-demand automation capabilities. The platform supports integration across various aspects of operations and stakeholder networks. It aligns with modernization objectives, helping in achieving peak operational efficiency. is available in the AWS Marketplace, enabling seamless integration with AWS products.’s Merlin AI improves integration and automation across their platform, empowering technical and non-technical users. The Enterprise Core offers essential features for growth, including modern governance, security, scalability, and seamless deployment across regions. The platform provides usage-based pricing, ensuring cost-effectiveness and uninterrupted access.

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