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SuperOrdinary Raises $58M in Series B Funding

SuperOrdinary Raises $58M in Series B Funding

SuperOrdinary successfully closed a $58 million series B investment deal. This financing has increased the company’s valuation to $800 million. Key investors in this round, including Manzanita, Puig, Demira Gate, Upper90, and Julian Reis, underscore the substantial potential SuperOrdinary holds in the market. The injected funds will fuel strategic investments in pivotal areas such as:

These targeted investments will fortify SuperOrdinary’s capacity to seamlessly connect brands, consumers, and creators on a global scale, supporting sustained growth and expansion. Amidst a robust 30% annual revenue growth, SuperOrdinary is amid a substantial expansion phase. Notable factors contributing to this growth include:

SuperOrdinary’s Rapid Growth and Series B Success

The company’s creative economy business has grown significantly. It has surged 12-fold since last year, propelled by acquiring creator monetization startup Fanfix. SuperOrdinary has ambitious growth projections, aiming for a growth rate surpassing 40% next year, with an expected revenue reaching $350 million, inching closer to profitability.

Julian Reis, Founder & CEO of SuperOrdinary, expressed enthusiasm regarding the successful Series B round. He said in a statement:

“We are thrilled to announce the closing of our Series B round and share our latest valuation, which brings us close to one of our day-one goals of becoming a unicorn company. Despite the current market challenges in the U.S. and China, we have continued to prove our value to brands across the globe, helping them scale via international expansion, creator partnerships, and Amazon growth, and we are excited to continue accelerating brands across a multitude of channels as a result of this new funding.”


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