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Art Meets Lifestyle: Lexon x Haring & Basquiat!

Lexon x Haring and Basquiat!

Lexon, a renowned lifestyle designer with a three-decade legacy, is collaborating with artists Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat to integrate their iconic art into everyday products. These items are available for pre-order at and will be in stores this November. This partnership was facilitated by Artestar, a global licensing agency, and creative consultancy representing celebrated artists and designers.

Boris Brault, CEO of Lexon, expressed,

“Engaging with art became an evident opportunity to continue to achieve long-lasting appeal for our timeless products. Reinventing our most popular objects, embellished with these two legendary artists’ masterpieces, is a way for Lexon to make both art and good design accessible for all.”

Lexon unveiled a collection of four signature products featuring the artists’ vibrant patterns and matching packaging. Among these, you can find:

  1. Mino+ speaker (39 $/€)
  2. Flip+ alarm clock (49 $/€)
  3. Mina M LED lamp (59 $/€)
  4. Tykho 3 radio (69 $/€)

The Lexon x Keith Haring collection features the “Happy,” “Love,” and “Heart” series, and the Lexon x Jean-Michel Basquiat line introduces the “Equals Pi (1982),” “In Italian (1983),” “Untitled – ‘Skull’ (1981),” and “Crown” series.

Lexon also offers eight collectible gift sets featuring all four iconic products, priced at $199/€.

These items that blend functionality with artistic expression will proudly showcase living spaces for years to come, enriching lifestyles and infusing art into the home.

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