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Ever.Ag Revolutionizes Agriculture Retail with Varda’s Global FieldID

Ever.Ag Revolutionizes Agriculture Retail with Varda’s Global FieldID

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Ever.Ag, a prominent agtech service provider, has joined forces with Varda, the AgTech startup founded by Yara. This strategic partnership aims to enhance agricultural traceability by integrating Varda’s cutting-edge technology, Global FieldID (GFID), into Ever.Ag’s farm management information system, FieldAlytics.

FieldAlytics is a cutting-edge farm management information system. The system stands at the forefront of digitizing and optimizing agricultural operations. This digital platform integrates agronomy, field logistics, and farm planning, simplifying on-farm operations for growers. FieldAlytics empowers farmers to make informed decisions, enhance productivity, and navigate the complexities of modern agriculture.

The collaboration aims to provide seamless traceability for retailers and stakeholders in the food chain by incorporating GFID into FieldAlytics. This initiative, set to launch in December 2023, will integrate GFID across FieldAlytics’ extensive network of over 3 million field boundaries. This integration promises to;

Davide Ceper, CEO at Varda, envisions creating and maintaining a universal map of agricultural fields—a shared “address system” for industry stakeholders. GFID, an essential tool for achieving this vision, facilitates large-scale collaboration, making food production more resilient, productive, transparent, and sustainable.

Ben Sloan, VP of Product and Strategy for Digital Agronomy at Ever.Ag acknowledges the growing consumer interest in the origin of food. GFID emerges as the optimal solution for traceability. FieldAlytics takes pride in pioneering solutions that matter to growers. The industry anticipates broader adoption of GFID, aligning with the shared goal of a sustainable and transparent food ecosystem.

Future Prospects

With FieldAlytics leading the charge in digital farm management and GFID providing a universal map for agricultural fields, the industry anticipates a ripple effect of positive change. This collaboration addresses current challenges and propels agriculture toward a future marked by innovation, collaboration, and a shared vision for a nature-positive food system.

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