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Intel Granulate announced new collaboration with Databricks

Intel Granulate announced new collaboration with Databricks

Intel® Granulate™, Intel’s leading software for performance, has partnered with Databricks to merge their autonomous optimization solutions with Databricks’ Data Intelligence Platform. This collaboration aims to enhance scalability, boost performance, cut costs, and improve efficiency in data management operations.

Intel Granulate can autonomously optimize application-level performance, delivering a potential 20% reduction in cloud costs and an average 35% decrease in response times. This achievement is accomplished without necessitating code alterations or manual engineering efforts. Furthermore, positioned as a core product in Intel’s enterprise software portfolio, Intel Granulate is a significant offering. It consistently delivers noticeable improvements within one to three weeks.

Databricks offers an open data-sharing approach, enabling cross-platform collaboration. This ensures the security and governance of live datasets, models, dashboards, and notebooks. The platform unifies data teams, streamlining data ingestion and management across structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Moreover, it serves as the backbone for Databricks’ native machine-learning capabilities.

Combining Databricks’ platform with Intel Granulate’s runtime optimization and orchestration capabilities results in a more cost-effective solution for data teams, enhancing data management and engineering efficiency. This integration concurrently reduces response times, ensuring swift, reliable, and secure user data applications.

Intel Granulate envisions a future where data management and sharing are open and collaborative and synonymous with unparalleled performance and cost efficiency. This collaboration represents a crucial step toward realizing this vision. Furthermore, it merges Intel Granulate’s autonomous optimization with the open data management facilitated by the Databricks platform.

“The Databricks platform represents a significant leap toward the performant future of Spark SQL. When combined with the unique orchestration and tuning abilities that Intel Granulate provides for analytics workloads, the performance and cost benefits for data engineers grow significantly,” said Asaf Ezra, co-founder and general manager at Intel Granulate.

Intel Granulate optimizes Databricks’ data management operations without requiring code switches. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

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