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Operata Launches AI-powered CX Observability Copilots

Operata Launches AI-powered CX Observability Copilots

Operata, a leader in Experience Observability, has unveiled its Harmony release of the Operata Platform at AWS re: Invent 2023. This release introduces Tenor AI, a suite of CX Observability tools designed to empower users with insights and actions derived from correlated technical, operational, and experiential data. Tenor AI derives its power from Operata’s vast data repository, encompassing over 270 million customer interactions, 650 million agent minutes, and an impressive 1 trillion data points.

Unveiling Tenor AI

AI-Driven Insights for Enhanced CX Metrics

Tenor AI brings forward AI-featured insights, pinpointing areas for improvement to maximize Customer Experience (CX) metrics. By leveraging real-time intelligent guidance, it enhances technology and operational performance for every agent. It turns the AX Copilot into a proactive force for continuous improvement.

Conversational Data Exploration with CX Copilot

Tenor AI introduces a natural language CX Copilot, allowing users to interact seamlessly with CX Observability data. This breakthrough feature employs GPT-style conversational language, enabling users to pose detailed questions and understand the interconnected factors influencing both Agent Experience (AX) and Customer Experience (CX).

Operata’s latest CX Copilot features the following key components:

  1. Natural Language Data Interaction: This feature empowers users to ask Operata anything about their contact center performance, fostering a user-friendly and intuitive data exploration experience.
  2. Suggested Tenor AI™ Prompts: This feature suggests prompts that users can employ to interact with Operata data.
  3. Chat Sessions with Tenor AI: This GPT-style chat session with Tenor AI enhances the user’s ability to refine prompts and expedite data exploration. This conversational approach simplifies interaction and adds a layer of flexibility.
  4. Large Language Model (LLM) Security: Tenor AI adopts a Large Language Model (LLM) approach that prioritizes data security. It ensures that user data remains confidential and is securely retained within the Operata Platform.


CX Copilot (Beta). Image Credits: Operata

Data-Driven Correlations

Operata breaks down silos by correlating technical, operational, and experience data. The Harmony release empowers contact centers to act upon AI-powered Featured Insights, addressing specific challenges. For instance, Tenor AI might unveil insights such as, “Agents using built-in mics transfer 200% more calls than those using headsets” or “Call transcription accuracy drops 4X when voice quality dips below 3.5 MOS.” These revelations offer actionable intelligence to enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Three Paths to Insight

With the Harmony release, Operata customers now have three pathways to gain insights into contact center performance:

  1. Proactive insights and recommendations via a real-time feed.
  2. Open-ended natural language interaction fueled by Large Language Models (LLMs).
  3. Data visualization through interactive curated Playbooks, providing trends and summaries across technical, operational, and experience domains.

The Harmony release is available with the natural language querying features of Tenor AI accessible through a private beta program.

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