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WEB3WAR Launches as Blockchain-Powered FPS

WEB3WAR Launches as Blockchain-Powered FPS

WEB3WAR is reshaping the online gaming world as the first blockchain-based first-person shooter (FPS). Roll1ng Thund3rz developed the game on the Zilliqa blockchain. The game is aiming to set a new standard in the gaming industry.

The core innovation of WEB3WAR  is its unique Skill2Earn system, which will reward players with blockchain-based tokens and other assets. This will align proficiency with tangible rewards based on their game performance. This is a shift from the traditional Play-To-Earn, which emphasizes player skills.

WEB3WAR has strategic collaborations with tech leaders like Microsoft and Google Cloud. The partnership will allow the game to be broadcast to a wider audience, especially with the inclusion in the Microsoft Store’s FUS1ON Gaming Hub.

WEB3WAR allows true digital asset ownership

WEB3WAR allows users to personalize their experience. From character appearances to weapon configurations, all backed by blockchain technology. The game offers great FPS gameplay and allows players to monetize their gaming skills and contributions. The company shares the game’s growing popularity by onboarding more than 57,000 players in a blog post

WEB3WAR could be the future of online gaming, focusing on skill-based rewards, true digital asset ownership, and personalized player experience. The game is creating a unique and immersive environment and could be a changing moment for Web3 Gaming, both entertaining and rewarding.

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