Beleaf Raises $6.9M in Series A Funding

Beleaf Raises $6.9M in Series A Funding

Agriculture technology start-up Beleaf has successfully raised $6.9 million in funding led by Alpha JWC Ventures to develop its farming-as-a-service model further. With its latest funding round, Beleaf Farms wants to enter another six countries by the end of 2024. Additionally, it aims to expand within Indonesia, specifically to Bali, Lembang, and Medan, where it will set up research and development farms. The company plans to board at least 2,000 farmers by next year.

The funding round also signifies the growing interest in sustainable farming and agricultural technology. With increasing concerns about food security and environmental sustainability, Beleaf hopes to contribute to global food security while minimizing the ecological footprint of agriculture. Beleaf’s commitment to innovation is also evident in its focus on further developing its Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as weather stations and dosing systems, and the Beleaf OS. Beleaf aims to enable its FaaS services further and contribute to improved farmer yields with these advancements.

Amrit Lakhiani found Beleaf in 2019. The agricultural startup initially constructed a hydroponic brand of leafy greens before expanding and selling other farming products. Eventually, they ventured into the FaaS model, which is free and exclusive to the firm’s partners. Beleaf’s products reach over 180 retail outlets in Greater Jakarta, eight online channels, and several restaurants. The firm distributed 700 tons of produce in May 2023 alone.

As Beleaf expands its operations and continues to innovate, the company remains committed to empowering farmers to produce more sustainable and efficient crops. With the additional funding in place, Beleaf is poised to make a lasting impact on the agriculture industry while addressing the pressing global challenges of food security and environmental sustainability.

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