Uber Eats Introduces TikTok-style Video Feed

Uber Eats Introduces TikTok-style Video Feed

Uber Eats, the popular food delivery service, is introducing a new feature similar to TikTok, the short-form video platform. Awaneesh Verma, the Senior Director of Product at Uber Eats, revealed the launch of a TikTok-like short-form video feed. Currently undergoing testing in key cities like New York, San Francisco, and Toronto, this feature aims to enrich the user experience by providing a dynamic platform for restaurants to showcase their culinary delights.

Following the meteoric rise of TikTok, various digital platforms have been quick to adopt short-form video feeds, including Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. Even professional networks like LinkedIn are experimenting with similar features.

Like TikTok, Uber Eats will display short videos in carousels across its app’s home screen. When users select a video, they’ll dive into a vertical feed of engaging content from nearby restaurants, enabling them to swipe through various culinary experiences seamlessly. The aim is to recreate the dining-out atmosphere, offering glimpses into food preparation to inspire adventurous eating.

Users will come across videos featuring tempting creations such as Nutella milkshakes and insights into packaging techniques for food quality during delivery. Significantly, these videos are not sponsored content, aligning with Uber Eats’ commitment to supporting merchants without imposing additional charges.

Recognizing the importance of social media for restaurants, Uber Eats empowers merchants to engage with customers through short-form videos within the app directly. In tandem with the video feed launch, Uber Eats unveils revamped management software and personalized growth recommendations for merchants. Furthermore, Uber Eats plans to release a new app specifically designed for restaurant managers to streamline operational tasks and encourage proactive business management.

As Uber Eats embraces innovation with its TikTok-inspired video feed, the platform anticipates heightened user engagement, enhanced restaurant visibility, and continued growth in its global network of merchants.

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