Tech Open Air 2024: A Convergence of Innovation and Inspiration in Berlin

Tech Open Air 2024: A Convergence of Innovation and Inspiration in Berlin

Tech Open Air (TOA) 2024, scheduled from June 4-7, is set to transform Berlin into a hub of innovation and inspiration. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, TOA24 will gather 4,000 attendees from over 30 countries, including startups, corporates, investors, and policymakers.

The event will feature a diverse array of activities, such as the TOA Conference, satellite events, Open Circle sessions, and a grand closing party. Key topics include AI, Climate Tech, Web3, Health Tech, and Business Success, providing a platform for pioneering ideas and collaboration.

Notable Speakers at TOA24

TOA24 boasts an impressive lineup of speakers who are leaders in their fields. Highlights include:

  1. Christina Janzer – Senior Vice President of Research & Analytics at Slack, who will explore AI’s role in the future of work and share insights from Slack’s Workforce Lab.
  2. Avi Loeb – Professor of Science at Harvard University and bestselling author, discussing interstellar objects and their origins.
  3. Ramin Niroumand – Partner at Motive Partners and Head of Motive Ventures, known for his pivotal role in building Europe’s premier fintech ecosystem.
  4. Brett Gibson – Managing Partner at Initialized Capital, providing insights on navigating venture capital, identifying exceptional founders, and the evolving tech landscape.
  5. Joyce Lorigan – Group Head of Corporate Affairs at Springer Nature, discussing AI in research and scientific publishing.

Key Events and Topics

  • The Future of Work with AI: Christina Janzer from Slack will delve into AI-enhanced work and productivity.
  • Interstellar Tech Hunt: Avi Loeb will share findings on interstellar objects and their implications.
  • From Entrepreneur to Investor: Ramin Niroumand will share lessons from his journey in building and investing in fintech startups.
  • Navigating VC and Founder Traits: Brett Gibson will discuss the traits of successful founders and the future of tech.
  • AI in Research & Scientific Publishing: Joyce Lorigan will explore how AI can accelerate research and enhance scientific accessibility.

TOA24 promises to be an unparalleled opportunity for networking, learning, and celebrating the latest advancements in technology. Journalists and tech enthusiasts are invited to join this dynamic event and be part of the influential community shaping the future of tech.

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