Coming Soon: CREAL’s AR Glasses That Won’t Strain Your Eyes

Coming Soon: CREAL’s AR Glasses That Won’t Strain Your Eyes

Swiss startup CREAL will release its patented AR light field micro-display technology for the commercial market in early 2024. This will empower Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) to create AR glasses that offer users an immersive and natural visual experience.

The technology stack provided by CREAL includes hardware and software licenses for AR smart glasses manufacturers. They can integrate the microdisplay with standard prescription lenses or glasses by applying a low-cost holographic film. This simplifies design and may lower costs, making AR glasses more affordable.

Coming Soon: CREAL's AR Glasses That Won't Strain Your Eyes

Source: CREAL

CREAL’s solution replicates natural depth perception, enabling seamless focus from close-up to infinity, distinguishing it from competitors that might sacrifice image quality, require more computational power, or have complex system architectures.

“By enabling continuous focus from up-close to infinity – matching the real world depth perceived by users – CREAL enables a natural and healthy visual experience with no substantial trade-offs regarding image quality, computational requirements or system architecture (unlike competing solutions).” said Dr. Tomas Sluka, co-founder and CEO of CREAL.

This technology also addresses prevalent issues in current AR and VR headsets. It eliminates issues like eye strain, fatigue, and nausea, which users often experience with existing devices. These issues often arise from vergence accommodation conflict and focal rivalry. Hence, the tech industry is excited as leading AR glasses and headset ODMs assess CREAL’s tech for their next-gen designs. A few of these devices are anticipated to be available by 2024.

Notably, CREAL has secured $18 million in funding and is currently open for investment from global capital funds. Existing investors include Swisscom Ventures, Verve Ventures, and DAA Capital Partners.

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