GE HealthCare Unveils MyBreastAI Suite

GE HealthCare Unveils MyBreastAI Suite

GE HealthCare has introduced the MyBreastAI Suite. This all-in-one platform integrates three cutting-edge AI applications from iCAD, marking a leap in supporting clinicians and improving patient outcomes.

As the global burden of cancer continues to rise, radiologists are struggling with challenges such as burnout, workforce attrition, and patient backlogs. In response to these issues, GE HealthCare’s MyBreastAI Suite emerges as a pivotal solution. It aligns with the commitment to combat breast cancer through early detection methods like screening mammography.

Key Components of MyBreastAI Suite

  1. ProFound AI for DBT: Trained with a vast 3D image dataset, ProFound AI for DBT equips radiologists with critical information. This enhances caseload prioritization and clinical decision-making. Potentially reducing burnout.
  2. Second Look for 2D Mammography: This Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) system identifies and marks regions of interest on mammograms, aiding radiologists in the diagnostic process.
  3. PowerLook Density Assessment: Standardizing breast density assessment and reducing variability across radiologists, this tool simplifies reporting and provides accurate breast density assessments based on AI mammogram analysis.

Commitment to Transform Healthcare

Pooja Pathak, Vice President and General Manager of Mammography at GE HealthCare, emphasized the company’s commitment to leveraging AI in mammography for early breast cancer detection, stating,

“As part of GE HealthCare’s ongoing commitment to transform healthcare and improve patient outcomes, we continue to explore how we can leverage the power of AI in mammography to support the early detection of breast cancer,”

GE HealthCare’s MyBreastAI Suite marks a stride in the realm of breast cancer detection. This innovation promises to redefine workflows, alleviate challenges faced by radiologists, and contribute to improved patient outcomes. MyBreastAI Suite will initially be available in the US. It will be distributed, installed, and supported by GE HealthCare as part of the Senographe Pristina mammography portfolio.

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