Bluesky Acquires Developer Behind Graysky App

Bluesky Acquires Developer Behind Graysky App

Bluesky has made a strategic move by bringing aboard Samuel Newman, the developer of the popular third-party app Graysky. This acquisition signifies Bluesky’s commitment to enhancing its user experience and expanding its feature set.

Bluesky is a decentralized social media platform that seeks to offer an alternative to centralized platforms like Twitter. It aims to empower users by providing greater control over their data and fostering a more open and transparent environment for communication.

Samuel Newman, a London-based software engineer renowned for his work on Graysky, has joined Bluesky’s development team. Newman’s expertise will be instrumental in enhancing Bluesky’s official app, as he collaborates with the frontend team to introduce new features and improve overall functionality.

Future of Graysky

With Newman transitioning to Bluesky, the future of Graysky remains uncertain. While Newman has expressed his intention to maintain the app for the time being, he will not introduce any ambitious new features. Interested developers are encouraged to inquire about the possibility of taking over the app, presenting a potential opportunity for further innovation.

Graysky gained popularity for its innovative features, including GIF support, inline translation, and a feeds-first layout. Additionally, it offered functionalities such as Trending Topics and a Pro subscription, contributing to its success with over 20,000 downloads by the end of 2023.

Newman’s integration into Bluesky’s development team brings optimism for the platform’s future. While not all features from Graysky will be directly ported, efforts will be made to incorporate the most beneficial elements into the official Bluesky app. Specifically, there is interest in developing an iPad app and expanding feature support to enrich the user experience.

Expansion and User Base

Since its public launch, Bluesky has garnered 5.18 million registered users, demonstrating significant growth and potential. With Newman’s expertise and the incorporation of innovative features, Bluesky aims to attract more users and establish itself as a formidable competitor in the social media landscape.

Bluesky’s acquisition of Samuel Newman, the developer behind Graysky, marks a strategic move towards enhancing its official app and expanding its user base. With a focus on innovation and user experience, Bluesky continues to position itself as a viable alternative to centralized social media platforms.

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