Spotify Ends App Store Payment Method for Legacy Subscribers

Spotify Ends App Store Payment Method for Legacy Subscribers

In a recent move, Spotify has informed its existing subscribers who have been paying through Apple’s App Store that this payment method will no longer be available. These users must purchase a paid plan directly from Spotify’s website.

Spotify recently began sending emails to users utilizing the App Store as their payment method, notifying them of this change. A company spokesperson confirmed the shift and stated that affected users would automatically be moved to a Free account from their next billing cycle. They can upgrade to Premium by logging into their Spotify account on the website. This is to ensure a consistent and optimal subscription experience for all users.

The battle over App Store fees between Spotify and Apple has been ongoing for years. Spotify accuses Apple of anti-competitive behavior and files antitrust charges with European regulators. Apple is currently presenting its case to dismiss Spotify’s allegations. In 2016, Spotify disabled in-app purchases on iPhones after two years of offering subscriptions exclusively through the App Store. During that time, iPhone users encountered a message from Spotify acknowledging the inconvenience.

Spotify has also faced similar disputes with Google concerning fees on in-app purchases made through the Play Store. However, last year, the two companies reached an agreement that allowed Spotify to experiment with third-party billing options. This development gave Spotify greater flexibility in providing alternative payment methods to its Android users.

Spotify reported impressive numbers during its Q1 2023 earnings call earlier this year. With over 500 million monthly active users and over 210 million premium subscribers, these figures highlight the streaming platform’s substantial global reach and continued growth in the highly competitive music streaming industry.

As the battle between Spotify and Apple unfolds, the music streaming company continues demonstrating strong growth and user engagement, further solidifying its position in the market.

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