Adobe Firefly generated over 1B images expanding globally

Adobe Firefly generated over 1B images expanding globally

Adobe, the Silicon Valley software company known for its creative tools, has announced the global expansion of its generative artificial intelligence (AI) solution, Adobe Firefly. Firefly now supports text prompts in over 100 languages, allowing users to create stunning images and text effects in their native languages. The localization includes 20 languages, including French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. The availability of Firefly in multiple languages aims to broaden its reach to millions of new users, regardless of their experience levels.

This expansion aims to empower creators to generate content that is not only visually stunning but also safe for commercial use. Firefly’s success in just over three months has made it one of Adobe’s most successful beta releases ever. Since its launch in March, Firefly has already garnered immense popularity, with users generating over one billion assets on the web and in Photoshop. Adobe’s integration of Firefly into its software suite, including Photoshop, Express, and Illustrator, enables customers to unleash their creative potential and overcome barriers. This revolutionizes content creation by providing precision, power, speed, and ease in Creative Cloud workflows.

Image Credits: Adobe

Ely Greenfield, CTO of Digital Media at Adobe, expressed amazement at the impact of Firefly, stating,

“We’ve been amazed at how creators have been using Firefly, creating more than a billion gorgeous images and text effects. Our announcement is about making Firefly accessible to more people in their preferred languages so they can continue to leverage our unique model to bring their imagination to life and create the highest quality assets that are safe for commercial use.”

Looking ahead, Adobe plans to launch Firefly for Enterprise later this year, catering to businesses’ scalable digital content creation needs. The AI model will provide commercial safety and branded assets for training, generating content that aligns with their style and language. Enterprises will also receive IP indemnity from Adobe for content generated through Firefly-powered workflows, boosting confidence in deploying it across organizations. Firefly for Enterprise is expected to revolutionize the digital content creation industry by offering a scalable solution tailored to specific needs.

News source: Adobe Blog 

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