Rolla closes €6.3M to spread data-driven healthy lifestyle

Rolla closes €6.3M to spread data-driven healthy lifestyle

Fitness-tech startup Rolla has closed a groundbreaking €6.3 million seed funding round. This investment has set a new record for a health and fitness startup in Central and Eastern Europe and is the biggest funding round in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This isn’t just a milestone – it’s a solid validation of the mission and the work the team is doing at Rolla.

Rolla Attracts High-Profile Investors in Funding Round

The funding round was spearheaded by Mate Rimac, CEO of Rimac Group, and Hellen’s Rock, the family office of Sacha Dragic. Both have impressive track records as successful entrepreneurs building billion-dollar businesses from scratch. Moreover, Rolla is excited to have their support and guidance.

Mate Rimac explained his decision to invest in Rolla: “The two factors that led me to be part of Rolla were Igor Krezić and the importance of health in modern society. I have witnessed which entrepreneurial miracles Igor has created in the past, which are even more impressive considering where and under which circumstances they were built. At the same time, I strongly believe that a data-driven, healthy lifestyle will become ever more important for people worldwide. I also see a lack of a proper comprehensive solution for assisting people to live such a healthy lifestyle. I am sure that Igor and his team are on the path of delivering just that.”

Sacha Dragic added: “The driving force behind my investment in Rolla was the powerful combination of Igor Krezic’s ambitious vision and steadfast dedication. In my experience, such focused determination, paired with a transformative vision and a clear market opportunity, often sets the stage for remarkable success. I see Rolla’s product as a powerful tool that can make fitness more accessible to everyone. It can potentially reshape the fitness industry by creating a more personalized and inclusive approach to health and wellbeing.”

Rolla, Level Up your health

Source: Rolla

Continuing on a Strong Note

Rolla has started on a solid note. Rolla stands out from preexisting health and fitness platforms by prioritizing ease of access, creating a low barrier to start, integrating data from connected services, and promoting user inclusivity. Furthermore, their gamified system encourages users by giving them short-term rewards while helping them make long-term progress. Moreover, Rollo eliminated the need for dedicated hardware as a streaming solution. This further reduces the barriers to entry.

They’ve already gained recognition for their innovation and impact at EUROBIKE, the leading global trade show for the bike business. Some of the most influential cycling personalities and platforms that recognized the positive impact of Rolla include DC Rainmaker, GCN Tech, and Global Triathlon Network.

With this funding, Rolla sees this as an opportunity to expand, grow the customer base, and establish key development and commercial hubs. More importantly, this historic investment round signals a shift in the tech environment in Bosnia, Herzegovina, and the Western Balkans. This could be the catalyst that encourages the growth and success of businesses in the entire region.


Source: Rolla

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