DeckMatch Raises €1M for AI-Powered VC Pitch Matching

DeckMatch Raises €1M for AI-Powered VC Pitch Matching

DeckMatch, an AI-powered platform connecting VCs with promising startup pitch decks, has secured a pre-seed funding round of €1 million. Alliance VC and Skyfall Ventures co-led the funding, with participation from prominent figures like the entrepreneur Nicolaj Højer Nielsen. The startup is currently in a closed Beta phase, involving more than 60 VCs.

“We are big believers in the potential of DeckMatch to make VC firms not only more efficient and data-driven but capable of making better investment decisions,” says Arne Tonning, Partner at Alliance VC.

The VC industry often involves routine, time-consuming tasks such as pitch deck examination and relationship building with founders. Co-founders Gasteen and Mustapha have solved this by leveraging AI technology to automate tasks, enabling investors to invest more time in meaningful interactions.

DeckMatch evaluates pitch decks based on business stage, sector, problem-solving approach, scalability potential, opportunity size, and founders’ expertise. This saves VCs from the tedious task of manually reviewing numerous decks. It also helps startup founders improve by providing AI-generated pitch feedback and insights.

DeckMatch Raises €1M for AI-Powered VC Pitch Matching

Source: DeckMatch

“When we look at VC, the shift from pen and paper to Word and Excel is probably the most seismic shift the industry has felt to date. We see a curious juxtaposition of VCs being the backers of change, whilst seemingly being immune to change and disruption. We thank our investors for this early investment, which will enable us to enhance and further develop our product, and scale our team,” says Gasteen.

Additionally, the funding will boost DeckMatch’s AI and machine learning capabilities and improve data analysis algorithms and infrastructure. Currently targeting the investment domain, the platform aims to expand to the recruitment and procurement sectors.

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