Reddit Unveils Mod Helper Program Amid Moderator Concerns

Reddit Unveils Mod Helper Program Amid Moderator Concerns

In response to escalating tensions with its moderator community, Reddit has introduced the “Mod Helper Program,” which aims to reward moderators who provide valuable assistance to their peers. The initiative is coupled with a revamped moderator help center. Due to Reddit’s API pricing changes and the subsequent shutdown of third-party apps, leaving numerous moderators dissatisfied, this announcement ensues.

The new program, structured in tiers, grants trophies and flairs to helpful moderators. Accumulated karma from upvotes and awards, balanced by downvotes, determines the rewards. Moderators can earn recognition by receiving upvotes on comments in the r/ModSupport subreddit.

These accolades, labeled as trophies, will denote the degree of assistance a moderator offers. Starting from “Helper,” the ranks escalate to “Expert Helper.” A comparable program was previously introduced in the r/help subreddit, where users are rewarded for assisting fellow users.

The decision to launch the Mod Helper Program aims to acknowledge and encourage collaboration within the moderator community, as Reddit recognizes the importance of sharing knowledge for both novice and seasoned moderators.

To further support moderators, Reddit has also introduced the Modmail Answer Bot. This automated system responds with pertinent links from the site’s Help Center. When the provided articles fall short, the bot will create a support ticket managed by human admins. The aim is to streamline and prioritize moderator inquiries, allowing human admins to focus on complex issues.

r/ModSupport - Mod Helper Trophies

Source: reddit

Furthermore, Reddit is amalgamating the moderator-specific Help Center with the site’s general resources to ensure easy accessibility and centralized support.

Recently, the relationship between Reddit and its moderators has been strained, with a notable demonstration being the June blackout of over 8,000 subreddits protesting API pricing changes. Moderators have demanded enhanced tools and support, a request that Reddit aims to address with its new initiatives.

The Mod Helper Program received mixed responses, with concerns about automation affecting human interaction. However, Reddit assures the community that its product teams are addressing their concerns. The focus is improving mobile features and addressing more intricate challenges while automating certain tasks to allow efficient resource allocation.

Reddit’s efforts to bridge the gap with its moderator community indicate a commitment to enhancing collaboration, knowledge sharing, and addressing the demands of dedicated moderators who sustain the platform’s diverse communities.

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