Code Ninjas introduces innovative Prodigy Program with Microsoft MakeCode

Code Ninjas introduces innovative Prodigy Program with Microsoft MakeCode

Code Ninjas is a prominent kids’ coding education provider. It recently introduced the Prodigy Program with its first partner, Microsoft MakeCode. To celebrate the launch, seven students will win a fully-funded trip to Microsoft Headquarters in Seattle on September 29th for an exclusive trip. This innovative initiative of the Prodigy Program by Code Ninjas will give students (called Ninjas) a complete look into leading tech and gaming companies. It will improve their coding skills and provide real-world tech industry insights. Winners can explore Microsoft’s innovation hub and garage, visit the Company Store and Visitor Center, and have lunch at the Commons. They’ll meet the Microsoft Minecraft team and chat with tech experts from XBOX, Bing, and AI teams.

Navin Gurnaney, CEO of Code Ninjas, said;

“Our partnership with Microsoft MakeCode underscores our commitment to providing our Ninjas with the best resources and experiences. We aim to inspire and prepare our Ninjas for the tech-driven world of tomorrow.”

Microsoft MakeCode will offer Prodigy Program students a detailed curriculum spanning game design to hardware programming. This curriculum helps Ninjas with technical skills and provides firsthand knowledge of a global tech giant’s operations.

Jaqueline Russell, Program Manager of Microsoft MakeCode, said;

“Partnering with Code Ninjas on the Prodigy Program perfectly aligns with our mission to empower the next generation of technology creators and innovators. We’re eager to see what these young minds will create and contribute to the world of technology.”

The Prodigy Program is taking applications through individual Code Ninjas centers nationwide. Eligible winners must be full-time, active Code Ninjas students by August 31, 2023. Apply here. At Code Ninjas, kids can learn coding in a fun, social environment where gaming is embraced and STEM is exciting. The comprehensive curriculum offers engaging projects and activities, cultivating valuable skills. Code Ninjas offers both self-paced learning and support. They offer Code Ninjas JR for younger kids and summer camps for all ages to develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

Code Ninjas is a prominent kids’ coding platform with thousands of students across almost 400 regions in 3 countries. It uses a game-based curriculum. They aim to foster creativity and critical thinking, preparing children for a tech-focused world in an engaging way.

Microsoft MakeCode offers entertaining projects, quick outcomes, and versatile editors suitable for various learning levels, including block and text editors, and aims to make computer science enjoyable for all students.

Source: Code Ninjas

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