Polestar and Mobileye to Advance Polestar 4’s Autonomy

Polestar and Mobileye to Advance Polestar 4’s Autonomy

Swedish electric car manufacturer Polestar has partnered with Mobileye to integrate autonomous driving technology into its upcoming Polestar 4 electric SUV coupe.

Polestar and Mobileye to Advance Polestar 4's Autonomy

Source: Polestar

Polestar launched the Polestar 4 in China and will introduce it to global markets in 2024. Mobileye’s SuperVision ADAS comes standard on the vehicle, with Chauffeur autonomous technology to be introduced later.

Mobileye’s SuperVision ADAS relies on camera-based systems powered by Mobileye’s EyeQ5 chips. This system offers a range of features such as self-directed lane changes, assistance in highway and traffic jam scenarios, accident avoidance, and adaptive cruise control.

Building upon the SuperVision ADAS, the Chauffeur system integrates radar and lidar sensors alongside existing cameras. It will operate on Mobileye’s EyeQ6 chips. This technology enables point-to-point autonomous driving on highways and supervised automated driving in diverse environments.

Chauffeur’s capabilities extend to various environments, arterial roads, freeways, and urban or rural streets. However, the extent of capability expansion into new operational design domains (ODDs) hinges on car manufacturers’ preferences and sensor/computing choices.

Polestar 4 will feature an in-cabin DMS that uses cameras to monitor driver engagement. This system aims to prevent overreliance on the SuperVision ADAS and maintain driver attentiveness.

While Chauffeur integrates autonomous features using a combination of camera, radar, and lidar technologies, Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” software relies exclusively on cameras for autonomous capabilities with a price tag of $15,000. Closer to its official launch, more information about the cost, integration, and potential enhancements for Chauffeur technology will be disclosed.

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