Venmo and Hallmark Introduce Digitally-Loaded Physical Gift Cards

Venmo and Hallmark Introduce Digitally-Loaded Physical Gift Cards

Venmo has joined forces with Hallmark, a renowned greeting card manufacturer, to introduce a line of physical gift cards preloaded with money. They aim to bridge the gap between traditional physical greeting cards and modern digital transactions, accommodating the preferences of both generations.

The gift card collection’s themes include Birthdays, Congratulations, Weddings, Holidays, and Everyday occasions. Each card will cost $4.99 through Hallmark’s official websites, Gold Crown stores, and selective retail outlets.

Scanning the QR code on the card allows one to load it quickly, add a note, and send it. The sender must provide the receiver’s Venmo username, email, or phone number for security purposes. However, if the receiver doesn’t claim the funds within 180 days, the amount will revert to the sender’s Venmo account.

Insights from a recent survey revealed that an impressive 78% of respondents use Venmo to exchange gifts with each other. Venmo’s progress includes introducing Tap to Pay support for Android devices among U.S. merchants, launching teen accounts and debit cards, and presenting these gift cards.

These products position Venmo as a go-to choice for gifting, which is likely to reflect during the upcoming holiday season.

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