Artisse announces breakthrough in AI!

Artisse announces breakthrough in AI!

Artisse, an innovative technology company, has announced its breakthrough in AI-powered photo generation. The company’s new feature allows users to generate realistic photos of themselves using prompts, templates, or even a reference picture. This advancement in AI promises to revolutionize how individuals create and customize their digital avatars.

The Technology Behind Artisse’s Innovation

With Artisse’s cutting-edge technology, users can now effortlessly create personalized AI-generated photos that closely resemble their appearance. The feature utilizes a combination of machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks to analyze facial features, expressions, and other visual attributes. This allows the AI model to generate highly accurate and lifelike representations of individuals based on the provided input.

Flexible Photo Generation Options

The flexibility of Artisse’s AI-powered photo generation is one of its key strengths. Users can choose from a variety of options to create their digital avatars. They can provide prompts, such as descriptions or keywords, to guide the AI model in generating a photo that aligns with their desired characteristics. Alternatively, users can select pre-designed templates that suit their preferences. Furthermore, users can even upload a reference picture to ensure the generated photo closely resembles their actual appearance.

Practically, this application requires significantly more time to process selfies and train its AI with other applications, taking approximately 30 to 40 minutes for this task. However, it excels in generating AI images, which only take a few minutes to create. Wu asserts that this system surpasses the competition in terms of the realism it achieves.

User Experience within the App

Within the app, users can browse for inspiration using photos of individuals, both male and female, featuring various styles, poses, and backgrounds. Alternatively, they can upload a picture from their library.

Artisse presently provides the initial 25 photos at no cost, with a subsequent charge of approximately 20 cents per photo. It plans to introduce a subscription model in its upcoming release, encompassing HD and sizing features. Furthermore, for its B2B clients, Artisse offers a comprehensive consulting-style service that covers model selection, image generation, and post-production work, with pricing based on the time involved.

This application is developed by Mumu Labs, a Hong Kong-based company, and is currently self-funded. However, the startup is currently negotiating a term sheet with a U.K.-based venture capital firm and is engaged in discussions with other potential investors.

Artisse is accessible on iOS and Android platforms, intending to reach the approximately 800 million users of photo-editing apps.

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