Sysdig Introduces 5/5/5 Benchmark for Cloud Detection

Sysdig Introduces 5/5/5 Benchmark for Cloud Detection

In a significant stride toward enhancing cloud security, Sysdig, a pioneering cloud security company, unveiled its 5/5/5 Benchmark for Cloud Detection and Response at the esteemed SANS CyberFest 2023 event. This framework sets a new standard for organizations to detect, evaluate, and respond to threats in the cloud.

Cloud security is a realm where agility and speed are paramount. With cloud attacks gaining momentum and becoming increasingly sophisticated, the need for robust threat detection and response programs that can match the cloud’s velocity has never been more critical. Sysdig’s Threat Research Team’s 2023 Global Cloud Threat Report reveals that malicious actors can execute a damaging attack in less than 10 minutes once they identify an exploitable target.

The 5/5/5 Benchmark

The 5/5/5 Benchmark calls for organizations to adhere to a new security standard: detecting threats within five seconds. It encapsulates a new approach, emphasizing the need to:

  • Detect Threats Within Five Seconds: Organizations should harness the capabilities of their cloud security tools to collect real-time detection signals. This swift detection is essential in the ever-evolving cloud landscape.
  • Correlate and Triage Within Five Minutes: Security teams should strive to gather comprehensive context for all correlated signals within five minutes of receiving the initial relevant alert. Swift action is key to mitigating potential risks effectively.
  • Initiate a Response Within Five Minutes: Organizations must initiate a tactical response within five minutes of confirming an. This proactive approach can significantly minimize the impact of security breaches.

Leading voices in the field of cloud security have welcomed this benchmark. Anna Belak, Director of the Office of Cybersecurity Strategy at Sysdig, notes,

“The 5/5/5 Benchmark sets a new standard for operating securely in the cloud. People are always looking for security metrics, especially when the industry evolves into new operating models.”

Kuldeep Tomar, Head of Information Security at a leading digital skill games company, underscores the urgency, saying,

“I don’t want to know 15 minutes after someone breached my system. I need to know instantly so that we can shut it down before the blast radius expands. Having a benchmark gives us a goal to hold ourselves to.”

In conclusion, the 5/5/5 Benchmark for Cloud Detection and Response by Sysdig marks a significant advancement in cloud security. This benchmark is a milestone that promises a brighter, more secure future in the ever-evolving cloud landscape.

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