iRobot Launches $1,399 Premium Roomba Combo Vacuum/Mop with Dock

iRobot Launches $1,399 Premium Roomba Combo Vacuum/Mop with Dock

Recently, iRobot has introduced a $1,399 Premium Roomba Combo Vacuum/Mop with Dock. The history of iRobot with moping is very complicated. In 2010, they launched the Scooba System, but it had a flaw. It was not efficient with dirty water tanks.

In 2012, they purchased Evolution Robotics and introduced the Braava line. The Braava line was a better approach because it used cleaning pads instead of tanks. So, iRobot’s journey with mopping has evolved to be less complicated.

The company wrote in a recent statement;

“The Roomba Combo j9+ robot vacuum and mop reigns supreme in its class, designed to tackle dirt, pet fur and debris with unmatched precision,” the company writes. “Its 4-Stage Cleaning System and unique Dual Rubber Brushes provide 100% more powerful suction and pressurized scrubbing action. And unlike competing 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mops that barely lift their mop pads, if at all, iRobot’s D.R.I. (Dry Rug Intelligence) means customers can trust that their Roomba Combo j9+ will keep even high-pile rugs clean and dry.”

iRobot has a long-term plan to manufacture a combined vacuum and mop system for ease. In 2022, they launched the Roomba Combo j7+, which utilizes a mechanical arm to prevent carpet mopping. Now, they enhanced the line with an improved j7+ and the more affordable Roomba Combo i5+ at $549. Recently, they introduced a new product, the Roomba j9+, priced at $899 for the Roomba alone and $1,399 for the Roomba and dock.

Many companies like Roborock and Ecovac gave competition to iRobot by launching lower-priced products. iRobot’s CEO, Colin Angle, firmly believes that software is the key to success in the robot industry. They offer a money-back guarantee if the robot encounters poop and automatic room labeling.

Both the j7+ and j9+ models are receiving iRobot OS 7.0, featuring “Dirt Detective” to assess room cleanliness and prioritize cleaning, along with “SmartScrub” for deep cleaning. The j9+ is accessible for presale in Europe, Canada, and the U.S.

Source: iRobot

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