3VC co-leads $120M Series A for e-commerce tool provider Shop Circle

3VC co-leads $120M Series A for e-commerce tool provider Shop Circle

Shop Circle, a one-stop e-commerce software provider, closed its Series A funding round and raised approximately $120 million. 645 Ventures and 3VC led the round. Many previous supporters like QED Investors and NfX also contributed to this funding whereas i80 Group provided credit. The funding collectively included equity and debt. Shop Circle confirmed impressive 360% year-over-year growth, attributed to improving its range of back-end and customer-focused solutions.

Luca Cartechini, CEO and Co-Founder of Shop Circle said in a statement:

“We’re thrilled to announce the successful close of our Series A funding round, which will enable us to continue building and expanding our suite of e-commerce tools. Our vision has always been to create a comprehensive operating system for e-commerce brands, providing them with the necessary technology to excel in today’s competitive market.”

Shop Circle is going to use AI to increase the scalability of its core operations. They’ve launched a tech stack consultation program that utilizes AI and personalized data insights to optimize the brand’s technology stacks, planning to reduce costs and enhance conversions for better customer experiences.

Maria Gramondi, Co-Founder and COO of Shop Circle, said in a statement:

“Since our inception, we have embraced the AI revolution and promptly built several applications to support and automate the majority of our processes, offering a distinct advantage in operating and growing our suite of software. Our goal is to equip e-commerce entrepreneurs with the high-performance tools and expertise they need to scale business effortlessly. With our tech stack review program, we are able to help e-commerce companies unlock their true potential by shedding unneeded tech and costs, enabling long-term success and growth.”

Shop Circle has an experienced leadership team with experience at Amazon, Shopify, Uber, and other major e-commerce companies. Investors including 645 Ventures, 3VC, and i80 Group are confident in Shop Circle’s potential to shape the future of e-commerce and support its growth. Shop Circle serves more than 100,000 e-commerce brands worldwide, providing them with advanced technology and insights for amazing growth.

About Shop Circle:

Shop Circle is one of the leading e-commerce software providers. It utilizes data and technology to change the industry. They give a complete package of advanced tools to assist e-commerce brands in their growth. The company was founded back in 2021 by Luca Cartechini and Gian Maria Gramondi. Shop Circle serves more than 100,000 businesses globally.

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