ChatGPT integrated AI Startup Druid Secures $30M in Series B

ChatGPT integrated AI Startup Druid Secures $30M in Series B

Romanian AI startup Druid has raised $30M in Series B to expand in the U.S., where it generates the majority (60%) of its revenue. New York-based TQ Ventures led this funding round with participation from European investors, including Smedvig Capital, GapMinder, and Karma Ventures.

Druid is renowned for its unique “conversational business applications.” These fuse traditional and generative AI models to streamline tasks such as 24/7 customer support and workforce hiring. With its unique features, Druid is carving its niche against similar players like Germany’s Cognigy, Florida’s, and New York’s Amelia.

Druid’s partnership with Microsoft, notably introducing ChatGPT, has expanded its knowledge base and improved its understanding of customer intentions. Importantly, Druid uses ChatGPT and similar models to complement, not replace, its existing conversational AI tools. The company recognizes that not every enterprise scenario aligns with the capabilities of these general-purpose language models.

As CEO Dragan states, “Think of it [GPT models] as adding new powers to an already powerful engine.”

The company provides flexible deployment options, enabling hosting of its platform both on-premises and in the cloud. This adaptability is particularly appealing to businesses that prioritize data control. Furthermore, it integrates with various systems, including customer relationship management (CRM) and human resources information systems (HRIS) via APIs, serving as a translator for existing infrastructure.

With around 150 global employees and a strong Bucharest presence, Druid aims to relocate its headquarters to Austin, Texas. This will accelerate the company’s expansion plans.

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