Roam reveals new EV bus for Kenya’s mass transit

Roam reveals new EV bus for Kenya’s mass transit

Roam is a Kenyan electric vehicle (EV) startup. Founded in 2017, the company primarily aimed at auto conversions before transitioning into EV manufacturing.

Kenyan EV startup Roam introduces Move shuttle bus to support EV adoption in Kenya’s mass transit sector. The Move bus gives customizable features and highlights the commitment to sustainable transportation. Roam aims to scale up Move bus production and enhance charging facilities to meet the increasing demand for EV buses in Kenya.

Roam aims to deliver approximately 50 of its Move buses by February. Moreover, it aims for a production capacity of 40 units per month. A local company assembled the 42-seater buses using parts imported from China. The buses can travel up to 200 kilometers on a single charge and can be customized to accommodate up to 52 passengers. Roam focuses on manufacturing buses that meet local needs, including high-ground clearance. Dennis Wakaba, Roam’s country sales executive, said in a statement:

“Building the body locally also enhances our design offering. We have the flexibility to adjust various features such as door placement, boot space, window fittings, and even add air conditioning.”

Roam aims to integrate Roam Rapid with the Kenyan BRT system, while competitor BasiGo operates EV buses in Nairobi. The company was initially focused on auto conversions before shifting to EV manufacturing. Their expertise in electric power trains since 2018 gives them a competitive edge and flexibility in product innovation. The company received backing from At One Ventures, Factor[e] Ventures, and Ambo Ventures to accelerate the growth of Kenya’s electric vehicle sector.

Despite problems like weak grids, limited charging points, and high costs hindering electric mobility growth in Africa, plans like Roam’s Move bus and the government’s support, including zero-rating electric buses and special power tariffs, pave the way for a sustainable transportation future in Kenya.

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