RabbitAI: Your Personalized Content Guide by Tubi and OpenAI

RabbitAI: Your Personalized Content Guide by Tubi and OpenAI

Tubi and OpenAI are launching RabbitAI – a generative AI tool to transform how you discover your next favorite show or movie. Already in beta testing on Tubi’s iOS mobile app, RabbitAI is gearing up for a grand rollout in the coming weeks.

Imagine asking, “Can you recommend movies where time travel goes hilariously wrong?” and instantly receiving a personalized selection of comedies from Tubi’s library of over 200,000 titles.

“At Tubi, we’re uniquely situated to find content for viewers that’s specific to the moment they’re in because of our large library and our personalization and machine learning algorithms. With RabbitAI, we’re making the content discovery experience fun again,” said Blake Bassett, Tubi’s senior director of product.

Tubi has thoughtfully added a “bookmark” feature that lets you save your discoveries as favorites. So, when you’re ready for a good laugh, the time travel movies are just a tap away. Moreover, search history allows you to revisit your past queries whenever required.

Other media giants like YouTube, Amazon, and Netflix invest heavily in AI, introducing features like inspiration tools, AI-dubbing, generative AI for shorts, and more. The future of content discovery is looking brighter, and RabbitAI is leading the way.

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