SAS accelerates delivery of innovative medications through the use of AI

SAS accelerates delivery of innovative medications through the use of AI

SAS, a pioneer in AI and analytics, is revolutionizing clinical trial data to deliver medications to patients. AstraZeneca has chosen SAS to enhance efficiency and automation in delivering statistical analyses for clinical and post-approval filings to regulatory agencies. The company will use SAS’s cloud-based software and technology to revolutionize the use of clinical trial data, enabling faster delivery of novel medications to patients.

SAS is set to revolutionize clinical and patient data flow by:

  1. Providing advanced analytics and AI
  2. Managing trial designs
  3. Enabling data reuse
  4. Accelerating reporting and submission times
  5. Enhancing capacity and automation for analyzing unique patient data sources like wearables, sensors, and precision medicine.

SAS and AstraZeneca will use SAS® Life Science Analytics Framework and SAS® Viya®, a cloud-based industrial platform, to improve productivity, accelerate time to market, and reduce IT expenses. This collaboration will enable teams to interact and enhance clinical research innovation, leading to substantial enhancements in productivity.

Christopher J Miller, VP of Biometrics at AstraZeneca, said,

“AstraZeneca has partnered with SAS to improve clinical data utilization, focusing on patient-centric strategies and faster medication delivery. The partnership will enable the adoption of new methods, technology, and trial models, accelerating AstraZeneca’s portfolio and its patient-centric approach.”

Bryan Harris, SAS Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, stated:

“SAS is expanding its relationship with AstraZeneca. Their work has a beneficial influence on the lives of millions of individuals across the globe.”

Harris expressed excitement about the strong foundation between their firms and the potential of technology and AI breakthroughs to generate new medical solutions for clients. Moreover, he highlighted the importance of imagining how their technology can work with AstraZeneca’s knowledge.

As AstraZeneca and SAS continue to work hand in hand, the possibilities for pioneering breakthroughs in medical science are boundless. This partnership reaffirms the industry’s collective commitment to improving healthcare.

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