Huawei Empowers Safe Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway

Huawei Empowers Safe Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway

The Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway known as the WHOOSH, has officially commenced operations with Huawei, the renowned global telecommunications giant, leading the way. Huawei delivered a dedicated railway network in collaboration with CRSC and China Telecom. This network ensures real-time communication, control, and dispatch for safe, smart, and efficient operations. It’s reducing travel time between Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, and Bandung from, 3.5 hours to only 40 minutes. Moreover, this reduction in travel time promises to stimulate economic growth along its route.

The WHOOSH spans 142.3 kilometers, connecting the bustling Jakarta to the captivating Bandung. Operating at a thrilling maximum speed of 350 kilometers per hour, this high-speed marvel is not just a game-changer for Indonesia. It’s also the first project to extend China’s high-speed railway prowess beyond its borders.

The WHOOSH relies on the Chinese Train Control System Level 3 (CTCS-3), which demands a secure and dependable communications network. Ensuring the stability and reliability of this system is a dedicated communications network provided by Huawei, boasting high security, ample bandwidth, and streamlined O&M. Furthermore, this network guarantees the trains’ safe, smooth, and efficient operation.


Source: Huawei

Huawei’s next-generation data communications equipment offers secure networks with redundancy switchover in just 35 milliseconds. Huawei’s Hybrid MSTP equipment powers the transmission network. The equipment meets the high bandwidth and stability needs of more than 20 high-speed train systems.

The WHOOSH high-speed train is a beacon, offering a reference and benchmark for future rail infrastructure projects in Indonesia and across ASEAN countries. In an era of innovation, Huawei’s partnership with CRSC and China Telecom has ushered Indonesia into the high-speed railway era. It has redefined transportation and facilitated economic growth for generations to come. The WHOOSH is more than a train; it symbolizes progress and ambition.

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