Intella Raises $3.4M to Expand Arabic Voice Tech in MENA

Intella Raises $3.4M to Expand Arabic Voice Tech in MENA

Intella, an Arabic voice tech company, has raised $3.4M in Pre-Series A. The round was led by HALA Ventures and Wa’ed Ventures, with participation from Sanabil500, INSEAD’s alumni angel network, and other notable investors.

Intella’s standout offering is Intella Voice, a voice-to-text engine for all 25 Arab dialects. The service offers real-time transcription, noise resilience, and editable file formats. Businesses can actively use it in cases like contact center management, subtitling, media and content management, and digital asset management.

Through rigorous testing with over 30,000 hours of Arabic audio, Intella Voice demonstrated an exceptional accuracy rate of 95.73%, outperforming industry leaders such as Google’s speech-to-text, Open AI’s Whisper, and Meta’s Seamless M4T. This remarkable performance explains investor confidence in the company.

The service’s growing popularity reflects the rising demand for specialized Arabic voice technology. Hence, the funding will be utilized to strategically expand its footprint in the MENA region and enhance its product suite.

Nour Taher, CEO and Co-founder of Intella expressed enthusiasm about the move, stating, “Saudi Arabia is quickly becoming a hub for technological advances. This move fits perfectly with our plans for expansion.”

Moreover, Intella is shifting its focus towards advanced audio analytics, offering a broad range of services that include:

  1. Summarization: It will condense lengthy audio content into brief, informative highlights, simplifying information retrieval and saving time.
  2. Sentiment Analysis: Analyzing and categorizing emotional cues in audio aids businesses in gaining precise insights into public sentiment and customer reactions.
  3. Topic Extraction: Identifying and extracting the core themes from audio facilitates content organization and analysis.
  4. Call Scoring: Assigning numerical ratings to phone conversations enables businesses to improve the quality of customer interactions through qualitative assessment.

Ali Abussaud, Founding Managing Partner of HALA Ventures, expressed his excitement about Intella’s vision,

“We’re excited to back Intella’s vision. They’re making significant strides in connecting global AI progress with the needs of the Arab-speaking community, and it’s exactly the kind of initiative the region needs right now.”

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