Spendesk works with platformatic to help make lives better!

Spendesk works with platformatic to help make lives better!

Spendesk, a leading financial software company, has announced a strategic move to bolster its backend development efficiency by adopting the innovative Platformatic platform. This development signifies Spendesk’s commitment to enhancing its core infrastructure and further improving the user experience for its customers.

Spendesk’s drive to enhance backend development efficiency stems from a commitment to its customers. The goal is to provide users with a seamless and dependable experience by streamlining its systems and processes. This effort encompasses quicker response times, improved security measures, and scale operations as the company expands.

Spendesk’s engineering team recognized Platformatic as the ideal solution to simplify their backend development process and minimize deployment risk, all while emphasizing security and best practices.

The choice to embrace Platformatic is pivotal for Spendesk, given the company’s rapid growth and expanding customer base. Maintaining a technological edge and superior performance is of utmost importance in the competitive financial software industry. Spendesk’s strategic alliance with Platformatic places it in a favorable position to meet and surpass these expectations.

Platformatic introduces a new tool called Breaking Change Detector, which enhances clarity regarding the impact of changes on the public API level and the teams responsible. It achieves this by mapping dependencies and interactions through OpenTelemetry, enabling the assessment of potential risks linked to code deployments.

Platformatic’s second enterprise feature, Stackables, streamlines development processes by providing pre-configured templates. This eliminates the need for time-consuming foundational infrastructure work, enabling development teams to concentrate on crafting innovative features.

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