Mogrify Secures $46M in Series A Funding

Mogrify Secures $46M in Series A Funding

Mogrify, a biopharmaceutical company specializing in transformative in vivo reprogramming therapies, has secured an additional USD 10 million in Series A financing. This achievement has bolstered its total funding to a remarkable USD 46 million. This influx of capital will be pivotal in advancing Mogrify’s ambitious pipeline of in vivo reprogramming therapies. It will drive pre-clinical translation and platform optimization and foster new biopharmaceutical collaborations.

Strategic corporate investor Astellas Venture Management and prominent supporter of UK university spin-out Parkwalk Advisors co-led this latest funding round. Notably, it also garnered support from Ahren Innovation Capital, Trend Investment Group, and Dr. Jonathan Milner, co-founder of Abcam Plc. These investments signify the growing interest and confidence in Mogrify’s innovative approach to biopharmaceuticals.

Unlocking the Power of Cellular Reprogramming

Mogrify’s proprietary platform technologies employ cutting-edge techniques, including next-generation sequencing and a human gene regulatory network-centric approach. These platforms systematically identify the critical transcriptomic and epigenetic cell switches required to control human cell fate. This unique positioning allows Mogrify to directly transform any source cell type into any target cell type relevant to clinical applications.

A Vision for Transformational Medicine

The proceeds from this financing will fuel the progress of Mogrify’s in vivo reprogramming therapy pipeline. Consequently, the company aims to achieve critical milestones, setting the stage for a Series B fundraise in 2024/25. Subsequently, this funding will enable the advancement of a lead program into first-in-human studies. This ambitious pipeline, characterized by its focus on degenerative diseases affecting the eye, ear, and pancreas, has a clear objective: to restore clinically valuable cell types in vivo. Ultimately, Mogrify envisions transforming the lives of patients dealing with vision loss, hearing loss, and diabetes.

Charting a Transformative Future

Mogrify’s latest funding milestone underscores the industry’s recognition of its potential to revolutionize regenerative medicine, bringing hope to patients and delivering innovative solutions to some of healthcare’s most challenging problems.

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