Machina Labs Secures $32M for AI Manufacturing

Machina Labs Secures $32M for AI Manufacturing

Machina Labs, an AI manufacturing services provider, secures $32 million in a transformative Series B round. NVentures, NVIDIA’s venture capital arm, and existing investor Innovation Endeavors led the round, bringing Machina Labs’ total funding to an impressive $45 million.

Machina Labs employs AI and robotics to streamline manufacturing, reducing production time from months to days. The company will utilize its funds to address customer demands, expand research efforts, and advance its AI and simulation capabilities.

Edward Mehr, CEO and co-founder of Machina Labs, expressed:

“With their deep heritage in artificial intelligence and high-performance computing, we look forward to NVIDIA’s support as we further develop our AI and simulation capabilities.” He added, “With this support, we are poised to develop the next generation of manufacturing floors, ones that can easily remake production with no hardware or tooling changes, but only requiring software modification.”

Machina Labs’ “Robotic Craftsman” is a groundbreaking system integrating advanced robotics, autonomous sheet handling, and cutting-edge AI. This combination makes the process of sheet metal manufacturing highly efficient and agile.

The system offers swift and precise sheet metal forming capabilities, meaning it can shape metal sheets with remarkable speed and accuracy. Moreover, it is adaptable to various materials, making it versatile for different manufacturing needs. This versatility reduces the need for specialized equipment for other materials, which can be costly and time-consuming in traditional manufacturing processes.

As a result of reduced material wastage and increased efficiency, Robotic Craftsman has the potential to deliver substantial cost savings.

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