Orthogon Therapeutic’s additional $6M Investment and first antiviral against BK virus

Orthogon Therapeutic’s additional $6M Investment and first antiviral against BK virus

Orthogon Therapeutics LLC is a pioneering company in the antiviral therapeutics field. A few days ago, it achieved a dual victory because its lead molecule has successfully concluded acute toxicity studies, leading to an additional $3M investment from its syndicate of health investors. This wraps up total funding of $6M over the past year and total financing of $18.5 Million.

“We’re celebrating this scientific achievement as much as this new funding,” stated Dr.Ali H. Munawar, CEO of Orthogon Therapeutics. He expressed his team’s innovation and dedication which have led to these significant accomplishments. 

BK virus is one of the most common viruses in transplant patients. According to Dr. Munawar, the real breakthrough in preventing, managing, and treating the BK virus is in a small molecule that targets the virus at its replication site. This molecule should have dosing flexibility for at-risk patients and those already experiencing the BK virus. 

BK virus poses a significant risk to immunocompromised individuals, particularly those who have undergone transplants. As there are currently no available treatment options, Orthogon’s groundbreaking efforts hold the potential to provide a unique solution to this pressing issue.

Dr. Ali H. Munawar expressed gratitude for the continued support from their investors, highlighting their confidence in Orthogon’s technology platform and mission to develop innovative treatments for transplant patients. This development is a significant driver, propelling Orthogon’s pioneering drug candidate into pre-IND studies and bringing it closer to clinical trials.

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