SK Capital announces acquisition of J&K Ingredients

SK Capital announces acquisition of J&K Ingredients

Private investment firm SK Capital recently announced they have entered into an agreement to acquire J&K Ingredients, Inc. SK Capital has not disclosed the specific terms of the deal. However, they are expected to close the transaction before the end of the year.

J&K is a leading manufacturer and seller of natural and organic ingredients for food and drink. The company stands out due to its ability to create custom formulations and develop new products that prioritize quality, functionality, and compliance. In 2019, the company introduced SOR-Mate, the first high-efficacy clean-label alternative to potassium sorbate. This innovative product finds applications in a range of categories, including bakery, beverages, snacks, pet food, and dairy. In addition, the company provides the bakery market with a myriad of speciality ingredients. This includes egg & milk replacers, emulsions, flavors, and bread bases.

CEO of J&K Ingredients Ricardo Alvarez said,

“SK Capital’s history of success in the food and beverage and broader ingredients industry and its focus on accelerating growth make them an ideal partner for J&K. Most importantly, they share our belief that J&K is uniquely positioned for the long term to capitalize on the industry-wide movement to clean label products and are committed to investing in its growth. We look forward to working together to bring ‘better for you’ products to consumers.”

SK Capital focuses on building resilient, sustainable, and growing businesses in the specialty materials, ingredients, and life sciences sectors to create significant long-term economic value. The company aims to leverage its expertise in industry, operations, and investment experience to identify chances for elevating businesses into more successful entities. This includes enhancing strategic positioning, fostering growth, boosting profitability, and reducing operational risks. SK Capital currently generates approximately $17 billion in revenue annually. Additionally, the company employs over 25,000 people globally with operations in more than 200 plants in over 30 countries.

Mario Toukan, Managing Director at SK Capital, said in a statement,

“Under its experienced leadership team which prioritizes compliance, custom solutions, and maximizing value for customers, we believe J&K Ingredients will continue to be the premier supplier of natural preservatives in a constantly evolving market. The Company’s deep expertise and focus on innovation, exemplified by the breakthrough and success of SOR-Mate, not only makes it an essential partner to the bakery market, but opens its doors for customers seeking clean label solutions across the food and beverage industry.”

SK Capital’s acquisition of J&K Ingredients will be able to bring financial stability, operational efficiency, global opportunities, and strategic guidance, all of which are essential for the sustained growth and success of J&K Ingredients in the competitive food and beverage ingredients industry.

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