Jungle Ventures Launches First Cheque Program

Jungle Ventures Launches First Cheque Program

Jungle Ventures in Singapore has launched the First Cheque@Jungle program for entrepreneurs in India and Southeast Asia at the idea, pre-seed, and seed stages. The initiative emphasizes partnering with experienced operators for crucial operational insights and support. Core principles include focusing on exceptional teams and a unique investment structure to minimize early-stage equity dilution. The program offers a minimum investment of $2 million split equally between equity and a no-cap convertible note. This strategic move aims to bolster startups with appropriate funding and propel their growth sustainably.

Jungle Ventures’ First Cheque@Jungle initiative transforms early-stage investment with a unique funding model, offering startups a minimum of $2 million. This investment is evenly split between equity and a no-cap convertible note, preserving early ownership stakes and enabling ambitious pursuits. Esteemed entrepreneurs like Ramakant Sharma, Sayali Karanjkar, and Cameron Priest actively engage, lending valuable insights and networks to nurture startup teams. The program’s inventive approach is poised to reshape early-stage funding strategies, propelling startup success across India and Southeast Asia.

Jungle Ventures: Early-Stage Success Stories

The company focuses on early-stage business expertise with experienced partners offering 200+ years of collective experience. They’ve partnered with 45 founders and generated $12B in enterprise value and $2.9B in follow-on capital. The program supports startups across diverse sectors in India and Southeast Asia. It plans to co-lead Series A funding rounds, aiding sustained growth with investments of $5M to $10M per company. Jungle Ventures closed its fourth fund at an impressive $600 million, surpassing the initial target of $350 million in May 2022.

This successful fund will draw successful funding for the groundbreaking First Cheque@Jungle program. Since its inception in 2012, Jungle Ventures has consistently expanded its funds, emphasizing support for startups and innovation. Noteworthy companies in their portfolio, including Turtlemint, Leap, BetterPlace, CityMall, and Atomberg, reflect their expertise in nurturing promising ventures. The launch of First Cheque@Jungle showcases Jungle Ventures’ commitment to revolutionizing early-stage investments and providing startups with vital resources to thrive.

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