Berlin’s Deta Raises $3.6M to Unveil Deta Space

Berlin’s Deta Raises $3.6M to Unveil Deta Space

Deta, a Berlin-based firm, has raised $3.6M in seed funding. Crane Venture Partners led the round with participation from System.One Tomahawk.VC, Tiny.VC founders and more.

The primary objective of this funding is to support the development of Deta’s Space OS, which empowers users to take control of their apps and data. Space OS gives users complete control over their Personal Cloud Computer (PCC), allowing them to seamlessly manage their apps and data on a secure and private platform.

The operating system addresses data privacy and security concerns, as users can keep their data on their cloud, reducing reliance on third-party apps and platforms. Space OS offers increased transparency and accessibility, making it easier for users to manage and organize their digital lives. Deta aims to revolutionize how individuals engage with technology and is committed to providing a seamless and empowering user experience.

The successful fundraising efforts highlight the growing demand for secure and user-centric technology solutions in the digital landscape. DetaSpace, powered by SpaceOS, allows users to control and access apps and data from any device, providing a user-friendly and powerful cloud-based operating system.

Deta’s strategy in developing personal cloud operating systems could signify a significant shift in the enterprise data and AI landscape, offering low-cost solutions for individuals and small enterprises and emphasizing user control and customization.

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