Bluebirds Secures $5M in Funding for Sales AI Revolution

Bluebirds Secures $5M in Funding for Sales AI Revolution

AI-driven startup Bluebirds, founded by former LinkedIn leaders, receives $5 million in seed funding to reshape the world of outbound sales. Lightspeed Venture Partners led the funding round. Bluebirds plans to utilize this new funding to expand its team and enhance its AI platform. Bluebirds’ approach uses AI to identify potential leads, offering businesses valuable insights for more efficient outreach strategies.

Redefining Sales with AI Insights

Bluebirds distinguishes itself by harnessing the power of AI to unearth unique triggers that offer Go-To-Market (GTM) teams invaluable insights into the prospects they should prioritize. This approach allows them to target individuals at the optimal moment, all on a large scale.

Bluebirds intends to bolster its ranks with expert data and AI engineers. Moreover, they aim to enhance their platform by incorporating additional triggers. This comprehensive approach is poised to assist teams in developing a robust sales pipeline, leading to quicker deal closures with reduced customer acquisition costs. Investors such as Y Combinator, 1984 Ventures, SOMA Capital, and industry veterans Godard Abel and Dharmesh Shah have joined forces in this promising venture.

Automating Triggers through AI and ML

Bluebirds was born out of a desire to overcome the challenges faced by sales teams in today’s competitive landscape. Founders Kunal Punera and Rohan Punamia recognized the need for a new approach to AI products for sales and recruitment. Bluebirds tackles challenges by identifying AI triggers like trusted customers, recent job changes, compelling events in SEC filings, and intent signals from job posting descriptions.

Bluebirds process extensive web data to generate these triggers using Large Language Models (LLMs) and classical machine learning techniques. For example, the job change trigger offered by Bluebirds involves users uploading a CSV of their existing customers or connecting their Salesforce instance. The platform’s proprietary algorithms then identify the highest affinity options, matching them with public profiles to detect job changes.

A Future of Enhanced AI Triggers

With the freshly acquired funding, Bluebirds plans to continue expanding its capabilities. They intend to recruit additional data and AI experts while introducing new triggers for lead identification.

“Intent from job descriptions and compelling events from SEC filings are now in beta, with several more in active development,” revealed Punamia.

While Bluebirds’ LLM-based approach to outbound sales is a unique and novel offering, it is not the sole player in providing reps with relevant intelligence for identifying and closing more deals. Competitors such as ZoomInfo (which acquired Chorus for $575 million), Uplead, Outreach, and also make strides in this transformative field.


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