South Korean AI SaaS Hackle Joins AWS ISV Accelerate Program

South Korean AI SaaS Hackle Joins AWS ISV Accelerate Program

Hackle, a South Korean Optimization AI SaaS, revealed that it is now a partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ISV Accelerate Program. This collaborative effort, tailored for businesses using AWS cloud or offering integrated software solutions, paves the way for Hackle to explore new opportunities in global markets.

The AWS ISV Accelerate Program lets Hackle use AWS’ big sales network and discover new business chances. Businesses using Hackle through AWS Marketplace get perks like discounts and easy payments. It’s especially good for big companies with credits from the Enterprise Discount Plan (EDP) still left.

Founded in 2020 by 14 software experts, Hackle concentrates on making an AI platform. It utilizes successful methods from big tech names like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Coupang, such as A/B testing. It employs smart ways to make decisions using data, drawing from the approaches of these companies. This helps companies that lack skilled developers by offering an easy-to-use solution for faster growth. Hackle gives a way to use top-notch tech and stay competitive in the fast-changing digital world. In just three years since starting, Hackle acquired more than 200 companies to pay for its services. Some big names include Yogiyo (a major food delivery platform in Korea), GC Company (a top travel platform in Korea), and global giants like CJ Olive Young, Kyobo Life, and LG U+.

Changhak Sunwoo, the CEO of Hackle, commented:

“Hackle is expanding from the Korean market to establish a presence in the global sphere. Through the partnership with AWS, we will actively leverage the secured global network of AWS to systematically target the global market.

The Hackle team has focused on addressing the client’s needs to use data in more effective ways. We are not only the providers of platform functionalities but also the consultants that deliver numerous data utilization methodologies and knowledge. This strategy has been a key factor in our rapid success, achieving more than a 2x growth in key metrics every quarter. We aim to target overseas companies’ demand for cost reduction and ROI improvement, replicating its domestic success in the global market.”

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