Vidnoz unveils free AI video generator Real Customized Avatar

Vidnoz unveils free AI video generator Real Customized Avatar

Vidnoz, a cutting-edge AI platform, introduced a major upgrade in its free AI video generator called Real Customized Avatar. This update not only reduces video-making expenses and boosts efficiency but also alters our perception of “Real” and “Authentic” in debated AI-made content.

Vidnoz, established in 2016, is an online AI platform designed to make video creation easy for everyone. Over the years, Vidnoz has introduced various innovations such as AI Video Generator, AI Talking Avatar, AI Face Swap, and AI Avatar Generator. Their user-friendly platform provides templates, customization, and AI tools for diverse video needs in training, education, marketing, and entertainment.

Vidnoz helps both businesses and individuals, from HR teams to YouTubers, easily create high-quality instructional and presentation videos. It offers a Customized Avatar feature for brands and marketers to create realistic avatars with brand actors, improving storytelling and brand representation in videos. With Vidnoz AI, users can swiftly make their customized avatars speak in over 23 languages, enabling the quick creation of impressive videos. Furthermore, this tool greatly aids enterprises in making localized videos for global growth and improving team training and communication across different places.

Vidnoz found that using their lifelike avatars and voiceovers in their free AI video maker increased video engagement by an impressive 52%. They’re emphasizing authenticity over the creator, making the content more valuable. In their recent update, Vidnoz AI introduces 100+ realistic avatars for 40+ industries like online training, healthcare, education, banking, and others.

Sam Brown, Product Manager of Vidnoz AI, commented:

“We have made significant progress in realizing our vision to simplify video creation for all, yet there is still considerable distance to cover. I’m so proud of our team who are creative and productive. Now there are over 40000 videos crafted daily on Vidnoz. Users transform their ideas into captivating presentation videos and creative advertising videos with Vidnoz. Our lifelike avatars, 300+ diverse templates, and natural-sounding voices make it the favorite and most trusted free AI tool by users. Upon its launch, our Face Swap tool quickly gained widespread popularity. And more free AI tools are in our plans, such as AI Voice Cloning, AI Video Translator, and AI Script Writer.”

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