Helicity Space Raises $5M in Seed Round

Helicity Space Raises $5M in Seed Round

Helicity Space, an innovative commercial space company, has raised $5M in seed round. The Pasadena-based startup raised money from diverse investors, including Airbus Ventures, TRE Ventures, Voyager Space Holdings, E2MC Space, Urania Ventures, and Gaingels.

The company was founded by experts renowned in their respective fields. Setthivoine You is a former professor in plasma physics; Marta Calvo has a background in chemical engineering, and Stephane Lintner is formerly of Goldman Sachs.

Helicity Space opens the solar system for science, exploration, and more.

Helicity Space aims to revolutionize space exploration with its fusion propulsion technology. This advancement promises to facilitate fast, sustainable, and safe travel throughout our solar system, thereby enhancing life on Earth.

Dr. Stephane Lintner, Co-founder of Helicity Space, expressed enthusiasm for the funding milestone. “Nuclear fusion propulsion technology is the critical missing ingredient for space exploration,” he said. “We’re grateful to our investors for recognizing the impact of this technology and supporting our vision to expand the space economy.”

Helicity Drives Surpass Modern Solar Propulsion for Efficient Robotic Solar System Exploration

Helicity Drive, the company’s key innovation, showcases over two decades of research and development in plasma physics. The technology includes scalable fusion propulsion engines. Experts expect these engines to enable safer, faster, reusable, and more fuel-efficient deep space travel.

Lewis Pinault, a Partner at Airbus Ventures, highlighted the significance of Helicity Space’s work. “We’re proud to collaborate with Helicity Space in bringing advanced plasma physics to space propulsion,” Pinault remarked. “Their work not only promises to make the entire Solar System more accessible but also holds potential for Earth-based applications in meeting our planet’s energy needs.”

The company’s strength comes from a team of strategic advisors. This team includes NASA Astronaut William Readdy, Dr. Alan Stern, the leader of NASA’s New Horizon mission, and Dr. Simon “Pete” Worden, the former Director of NASA Ames Research Center.

Helicity Space is currently maintaining close collaboration with leading education and research institutions. With a focus poised to play a major role in advancing deep space explorations, with benefits extending back to Earth.

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