Enifer Secures €12 Million for Revolutionary Mycoprotein Factory

Enifer Secures €12 Million for Revolutionary Mycoprotein Factory

Espoo-based biotech startup Enifer has secured €12 million from Business Finland to establish its PEKILO mycoprotein factory. Enifer focuses on sustainable protein solutions and mycoprotein technology for various food and feed applications.

The funding is part of the European Union NextGenerationEU recovery instrument, aiming to support Enifer in building state-of-the-art industrial facilities. The facilities focus on recycling and reusing industrial by-products and waste streams. Simo Ellilä, CEO and Co-founder of Enifer expresses gratitude for the financial support from Business Finland and the European Union NextGenerationEU programme, emphasizing the historical significance of bringing this protein source to various food applications.

Enifer’s mycoprotein factory will employ the PEKILO fermentation process, developed in the 1970s by Finnish forest industry engineers. The process, known as the world’s first commercial mycoprotein production method, has evolved. Enifer has taken it a step further, developing a food-grade ingredient with a neutral taste and color, rich in protein and fiber.

The new facility will produce 3 million kilograms of sustainable, locally sourced PEKILO mycoprotein annually. This amount is equivalent to the protein content of meat from 30,000 cows but with at least 20 times lower carbon emissions and considerably lower water and land use. The factory, estimated to cost €30 million, is scheduled for completion by the end of 2025.

Building Partnerships and Future Prospects

Enifer is forging partnerships with prominent global companies in the feed and food industries. Collaborations with Skretting, Purina, and Valio underscore Enifer’s commitment to shaping the future of sustainable protein solutions.

In conclusion, Enifer’s recent funding success propels the company towards realizing its vision of transforming the mycoprotein landscape, contributing significantly to sustainable and environmentally friendly protein production. Establishing the mycoprotein ingredient factory marks a crucial milestone in Enifer’s journey toward global recognition and impact.

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