Proclaim raises $15M for better oral hygiene technology

Proclaim raises $15M for better oral hygiene technology

Proclaim, a cutting-edge oral hygiene technology company, recently announced a significant milestone in its journey toward revolutionizing mouth cleanliness. The company has successfully raised $15 million in a recent funding round, further cementing its position as a critical player in the oral care industry. Proclaim’s innovative approach combines state-of-the-art technology and a commitment to professional-grade mouth cleanliness. With this infusion of capital, the company is poised to make significant strides in offering a novel solution that elevates the concept of a clean mouth to new heights.

Proclaim’s $15M Funding Boosts Dental Care Innovation

While we are well aware of the significance of maintaining good oral hygiene (do you diligently brush your teeth twice a day?), it is surprising that there has been relatively little progress in dental care innovation. Despite its undeniable influence on our oral health and overall well-being, our teeth-cleaning methods have remained fairly stagnant. We stick to the tried-and-true routine of brushing, flossing, using interdental tools, and rinsing with mouthwash.  Proclaim is hoping to change that with its Custom-Jet Oral Health System, and it just raised $15 million in Series B funding to help bring it to the world.

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With its resemblance to a SCUBA diver’s mouthpiece, Proclaim’s Custom-Jet Oral Health System stands out as a unique innovation. However, unlike being attached to an air tank, this device connects to a “hydro station” to deliver a pulsating stream of pressurized water into the user’s mouth. Designed through 3D printing, each mouthpiece is customized to fit an individual’s unique oral anatomy, ensuring that the targeted water jets effectively target plaque and bacteria, reaching precisely where needed. This personalized approach maximizes the efficiency of the cleaning process and promotes optimal oral health.

Revolutionizing Oral Hygiene:

Proclaim’s innovative jet system is designed to complement traditional brushing rather than replace it entirely. Extensive clinical studies have demonstrated that incorporating Proclaim’s jet system into your regular oral care routine yields remarkable results. When used alongside daily brushing and string flossing, it has been clinically proven to be ten times more effective in reducing gum bleeding, nearly 13 times more effective in reducing gum inflammation, and almost eight times more effective in minimizing plaque buildup. These findings highlight Proclaim’s technology’s immense potential in enhancing oral health and underscore the importance of integrating its system into existing oral care practices.

“We can help people live healthier for longer by addressing an everyday problem that underlies much bigger, painful, and expensive public health problems,” said Calves, “including heart diseasearthritisdiabetes, and dementia (to name just a few). We provide an unbelievably effective, easy to use, and enjoyable solution to reduce harmful bacteria throughout the body, starting with gum disease.” said, Calves

Proclaim’s Vision: A Healthier Future through Advanced Oral Hygiene

Proclaim’s ultimate goal is to improve overall health by promoting healthier gums, and cleaner teeth, and preventing systemic diseases. Proclaim’s funding success propels oral hygiene technology forward, delivering professional-grade cleanliness at home. With $15M in funding, Proclaim transforms the oral care industry, empowering individuals to take control of their dental health. Proclaim redefines mouth cleanliness and ensures healthier smiles by combining pressure-washing principles with advanced techniques.

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