Microsoft’s app SwiftKey gains new AI-powered features

Microsoft’s app SwiftKey gains new AI-powered features

Microsoft’s SwiftKey, a leading mobile keyboard application, is taking user experience to new heights with various AI-powered features. The latest updates to the app promise to provide more efficiency, personalization, and convenience for millions of users worldwide. These new features are rolling out to both iOS and Android versions of SwiftKey.

The new AI camera lenses enable users to create photos, videos, and GIFs with various effects, including lenses powered by Microsoft’s collaboration with Snapchat maker Snap. There are now over 250 tools and filters available to help you express yourself, the company notes.

Microsoft has spent many months upgrading SwiftKey. Previously, they linked the app to Bing earlier this year, enabling users to search with Bing, engage in chat with Bing Chat, or utilize AI to customize the tone of their text. Bing’s Image Creator introduces new AI stickers, enabling users to craft stickers from their photos or selfies. Subsequently, users can share these stickers with friends and family while conversing across various communication apps. This includes WhatsApp, Messenger, and others.

SwiftKey’s recent updates cemented its position as a top choice among mobile keyboard applications. The combination of AI-powered enhancements, improved multilingual support, and a steadfast commitment to data security makes it an enticing option for personal and professional purposes.

As mobile communication evolves, apps like SwiftKey play a vital role. This further exemplifies Microsoft’s commitment to leading in keyboard tech. SwiftKey enhances global typing with AI-driven features like improved autocorrect, predictive text, multilingual support, emoji, GIF suggestions, voice input, and data privacy, catering to diverse user needs. Moreover, these updates underscore Microsoft’s persistent commitment to innovation and user satisfaction in the ever-evolving realm of mobile communication.

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